runway report: rachel comey

Rachel Comey is always one of the most interesting collections that we see. She designs for very specific and unconventional women who appreciate her elegant off-ness. We often ask when leaving the house in the morning "do I look like a crazy lady?" and if the answer is yes, then we know we're ready.

This collection had lots of quilting and cozy textures, dropped shoulders, blanket coats, and matching shirt/pant ensembles. Other favourite looks were a fantastic leopard print coat and silk dress in an illustrated comic strip print. Everything had a very relaxed and easy quality. Our report, Comfort is in for fall 2014 - Hooray!





We can't even begin to tell you how excited we are to see the shoes from this collection. That is always the highlight of our New York trip. The countdown is on...


Comey's Spring 2014 collection here. All images and full runway report on

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