This series features an interview and style session with a creative, successful woman in an effort to explore their relationship with fashion, career and life. We want to know how they got where they are, what they love, what they've learned and what they wear.


RENÉE GOUIN, ARTIST March 31st - 2017


Visiting Renée’s studio is a bit like being transported into a world of calmness and serenity. It's the same feeling one gets from spending time around Renée herself. There is tea, and flowers, and natural light, and of course her beautiful work.

From the moment I first met her, I was struck by Renée’s kindness, grace and style and was not surprised to learn that she is an Artist. Her effortless personal style and attention to detail is always inspiring, as is her perspective on women and clothes; the focus of her latest series.

It was such a pleasure chatting with Renée and learning how she structures her creative life.

 Can you share what it means to have a self-made career and to work independently?

It’s meant being able to follow what excites me and nourishes my art. It’s also been about learning how to navigate the business side of things. I can get distracted or overwhelmed by other people’s interests and ideas so it’s essential for me to stay rooted. Yoga, breathing practices and time-outs from technology help me to keep listening deeply and acting deliberately.

What quality do you value most in another person?

When someone is present, with people and their circumstances.

Whom and what inspires your style?

Simple, volumous shapes, the harmony between classic and modern. I think Katherine Hepburn had great style. But I’m also a romantic. I get excited about anything in velvet and bell sleeves. 

What's the best advice you've been given?

Be sure of your intention and what you want to say.

Current obsession?

Going to The Good Spirit to have my tarot cards read. 

What are you reading?

The Picture of Dorian Grey. I enjoy the decadent descriptions.

Where do you gather your inspiration from?

I collect Japanese and Inuit woodblock prints and books. I love the flat shapes and the integrity of the picture planes. I’m also inspired by architecture and interiors – the lines and the materials used by the designers influence my own way of dealing with form and composition in my artwork.

Favourite flowers?

I’d have to say the Tulip. It’s so regal yet unpretentious.


Renée can be found by visiting her website and on Instagram @_ren_gouin. Renée is wearing the Black Crane Box Top and Wrap Skirt (first image), and the Black Crane Poet Dress (coming soon).

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