Black Crane is a brand by Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki. It represents pure deep black as Alexander and Momoko are deeply interested in their Japanese roots as well as ancient Japanese culture and civilization. Focusing on a silhouette that complements supple lines and comfort, their collection is characterized as minimal and edgy. As Alexander and Momoko also consider environmental issues seriously, all production process including fabric weaving take place locally in Los Angeles. Black Crane’s designer, Alexander Yamaguchi who is skilled in silkscreen printing and patterning, also has his own brand, under his own name: Alexander Yamaguchi. With Momoko’s background in environmental art and architecture, they influence each other and reflect their inspiration in their clothes. SHOP


The Des Petits Hauts story began in the heart of Paris in 2000 when sisters Katia & Vanessa had an idea to create good quality tops that women wanted to wear everyday. The Des Petits Hauts clothing collection now consists of fabulous knitwear, dresses, jackets, shirts and t-shirts all made from high quality yarns and exclusive prints. All garments have subtle, quirky, creative details. SHOP


Folk Fortune designer Mishay revels in the Pacific Northwest lifestyle and can normally be found busy in her Vancouver studio, translating her eclectic visions and daydreams into beautiful, tangible realities. Her inspiration comes from her globe-trotting past spent living in Australia, Guatemala, Los Angeles, Mexico and Spain, as well as her upbringing in Roberts Creek, a tranquil community located between Gibsons and Sechelt on the Strait of Georgia. SHOP


Horses Atelier is Toronto-based womens brand founded in 2012 by best friends and novelists Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka with the philosophy of making pieces based on the values they hold in everyday life – utility, beauty, wildness, and endurance. Horses works with natural fabrics sourced from family-owned mills in Italy and Japan, and creates custom colours and prints. Everything is sewn a mile from their Toronto studio. Profiled in Vogue, worn by Feist, Jerry Hall, and Georgia May Jagger, and featured on this season’s Girls, their muse is the woman who in dressing herself knows herself. SHOP


Lizzie Fortunato is a NYC-based accessories line designed by Elizabeth Fortunato and operated by her twin sister Kathryn. Lizzie's statement jewellery fuses found, reclaimed and precious materials (think coco bolo wood from Central America and seashells collected on a remote Costa Rican beach) in fashion forward silhouettes. The sisters' brand has become synonymous with unique, ahead-of-the-curve accessories and exquisite craftsmanship, evident in their immaculate hand-crafted collars and leather goods collection, which features Italian leather bags with stunning Indian beading. SHOP


Based in New York City, jewelry designer Luz Ortiz creates boldly sensitive structures, each instilled with an exquisite balance of organic geometries. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in the tropics of the Caribbean, along with the influence of architectural and industrial elements; Ortiz unearths beauty in the considered manipulation of form and proportion, implementing only the highest quality of precious metals and natural stones. With a focus on function, each handcrafted design presents an ageless elegance, eternally captivating beyond place or time. SHOP


Mari Giudicelli’s eponymous line is inspired by the desire to lead a less cluttered life by focusing on the essentials. With a subtle nod to retro, the collection embodies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, materials and details. The result is a contemporary expression that offers a nostalgic connection whilst maintaining its overarching sense of modernity. Mari Giudicelli shoes are produced in a family-run factory in her native Brazil. SHOP


Martiniano is an Argentinian handmade shoe line designed by Martiniano Lopez Crozet. Buenos Aires Artisans cut, skive, stitch and sew each shoe by hand. SHOP


After years of having her own store and showroom in New York. MNZ has curated a collection with the hope it will feel like an eclectic mix of timeless pieces, from different places, merging into wearable, edited collectables. SHOP


Rachel Comey's collections have become known for their artful custom prints,graceful modern silhouettes, hand craftsmanship, and carefully chosen materials. The brand appeals to the intelligence and independence of her customers, who appreciate the thoughtful details, offbeat charm and quiet humour in her designs. SHOP


Inspired by the unstructured ease of the kaftan, romantic minimalism and exquisite fabrics are at the heart of RHOI, a new line of comfy yet luxe wardrobe staples and standout pieces. For designers – and Calvin Klein alums – Douglas Reker and Sarah Choi, comfort and simplicity are at the core of luxury. RHOI celebrates the idea of a simple, nomadic life, free of clutter and excess. SHOP


STYLE MAFIA is a Miami-based clothing brand founded by fashion blogger Simonett Pereira. STYLE MAFIA combines luxury with design and affordability to create fashion at a reasonable price point. The STYLE MAFIA women is innovative, current and interprets trends in a very personal way. The collection conveys a message of minimalism and sophistication and pays great attention to details with a sense of confection. "STYLE MAFIA is affordable luxury, I wanted to provide clothing for the style connoisseurs of the world with a gap between their social life and their income level." - Simonett Pereira, Co-Founder  SHOP


SUNO was formed in 2008 by Max Osterweis after more than a decade of collecting textiles in visits to Kenya. Building a successful and visible company that employs local Kenyan talent, treats workers fairly, and showcases some of Kenya's artistry, could potentially affect positive and lasting social and economic change. SUNO's dedication to developing a sustainable and socially responsible business is not limited to their work in Kenya. Currently they do at least 70% of their production in Kenya, all their beaded and embroidered work happens in India, and they also produce a handful of pieces in NYC with their sample factory in the Garment District. SHOP


Sunja Link (pronounced soon-ya) designs easy pieces for the modern woman and every piece is cut and sewn in Vancouver, Canada. Sunja is dedicated to making clothes that matter and uses the best fabrics sourced from Italy and Japan to create quality and timeless clothing. SHOP


Whit is inspired by smart and unconventional women. We find them everywhere: friends, family, old films, photography, and the streets of New York City. We celebrate women who personalize and mix their clothing to suit their individual styles. Whit comes to life from designer Whitney Pozgay. Whitney’s distinct vision for styling and attention to detail, combined with years of design experience for larger brands, led her to venture out on her own. Whit's mission is to offer effortlessly chic apparel and accessories with a touch of whimsy. The brand focuses on items that are never tricky or overly complicated, while celebrating colour and a sense of humour. SHOP